The Company

Be Fearless. Be Confident. Be a Sherni

The Company

Sherni means ” lioness” in punjabi. The term “Sherni Banke” is an expression to be fearless and confident. It is often used as words of encouragement to help one feel courageous and to be able to power through anything.

Sherni Banke provides unique and comfy hoodies and t-shirts, catering to women, men and kids.

Our Mission

Sherni Banke was started with the aim to make all individuals feel their best and confident selves through clothing. As they say “your attire is the reflection of your personality”, we want to help every person grow and flourish, to be expressive and brave.

Our Vision

Not only do we aim to stay within the modern, every day style of clothing but we want our clothing to have a deeper message, whether that be cultural, a story or quotation.

Furthermore, we want to provide greater awareness on important causes and events.

We can’t wait to expand our product range and bring you new ideas but in the mean time we hope you enjoy our products.

Thank you for the support!

Be fearless. Be confident. Be a Sherni.

Sherni Banke