Mental Health Matters

My new collection mental health matters is focused on breaking the stigma on mental well-being. As well as creating change so it’s a normalised open topic that we are able  to discuss without judgment and fear. 

Within the Asian community in particular, mental health is a topic so rarely spoken about. However, when it is discussed many people judge critically, looking resentful and down upon a person feeling okay. Due to this reason many people are afraid to talk to someone when they feel stressed, pressured, sad, lost; when they are questioning life – this is not okay.

Why should we feel embarrassed about not feeling okay, when it’s completely normal and human? Maybe if the world spoke about it we would realise it’s actually normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. Maybe then we could create change and help one another.

TV, social media, magazines all focus on perfections, they have normalised focusing on the positives, the good, the dream. Not only does this activate insecurities but makes us afraid of our imperfections. The truth is no one is perfect, we all have imperfections but that’s what make us special and unique; the more we love our imperfections the more we realise they are nothing to be embarrassed about as it’s what makes you, you – a special and an amazing individual.

But within our Asian community I’ve noticed people find it so easy to point out others insecurities; this is what causes individuals to hide away and not vocalise their thoughts and feelings. We definitely need to be more kind, caring and uplifting towards one other because, that is the best way to help someone’s mental well-being. The most human thing to do looking after one another and understanding eachother. We need to get rid of this need to gossip about people, it’s easy to gossip but it’s effects can be long lasting on someone’s mental health.

As many of you might have heard we lost a young life – Deepy, recently due to mental health issues. Despite not knowing Deepy personally, I have been told and heard how much of a lovely individual he was. He was someone that was there for people and always willing to help, he was someone passionate about cars and #3SMOKE. Hearing his story touched me a lot, it was heart breaking but it made me realise that mental health has been lacking a lot of awareness – again especially in Asian community. Thanks to Deepy, I felt more passion and confidence to speak up and create change on mental health awareness. I want to give a shout out to his sister Rapinder, who has been such a strong individual and an amazing sister! Rapinder has put her effort in to make sure more people become aware of mental health in our communities. I want to thank her for allowing me to create the #3SMK hoodie in order to carry on her brothers legacy and share his story.  

As a person my aim is to eradicate this fear that you can’t talk about your mental health, I want to make sure more people know its important for themselves, for us and for the future generations to normalise being vocal on your mental well being. My aim is to use my platform to allow people to feel unafraid to talk me when they feel down or just want someone to talk to. I hope this is something we can encourage one another to also do by being more inviting to listen to the problems of family, friends and strangers. My goal for Sherni Banke has always been to make people feel confident with who they are and accepting of themselves.

My goals are big but definitely achievable so I would love if you could not help me achieve these for myself, for you and for every individual out there.

Let’s create a voice, a change, awareness. Let’s do it together.

If you are struggling please talk to someone, my dms are always open to talk as well as there being so many helplines out there willing to help. There are so many friends and family wanting to help you, just don’t be afraid to share what you’re going through. You are a strong, amazing individual that can conqueror through anything, you may not think that but you are so much loved and capable than you think you are. There are always solutions so please talk. 

Please donate to Deepys go fund me page, which is raising funds in order to open a mental health foundation in Deepy’s name:

Links to helplines:

Sikh helpline –

Suicide number – 116 123

Support line –

National suicide prevention – 08006895652

Student mental health support –

Mental health counselling –

Switchboard (all phone operators are LGBTQ+) – 03003300630

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